Software Vendor

Security solutions for a modern development environment

As a software vendor you’re fighting a battle on two fronts. You need to:

  • Protect product investment by securing your application source code and intellectual property
  • Ensure your products ships with adequate security to protect the data your customers place in it

If you’re a SaaS vendor the pressure is amplified as you also need to ensure the platform is operating securely and you are responding to potential security threats.

4ARMED understands the challenges you face and offers pragmatic services to not only incorporate security into your SDLC to protect your customers and your reputation but also to help you defend your own business systems from internal and external threat.


Secure Development Training

Ensure your developers understand what they’re up against, common weaknesses and how to avoid them in their code.

Define a Software Security Strategy

Build security into your SDLC and reduce the nasty surprises later on. According to NIST it’s 30x more expensive to address vulnerabilities post-release.

Security Testing

Verify your application and infrastructure security with our comprehensive assessment services. Provide assurance to customers or prospects.

Adopt DevOps

Let 4ARMED help you build rugged, resilient code that ships regularly.

Next Steps

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