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No developer wants to write insecure code but life is rarely so straightforward. The 2016 Trustwave Security Pressures report highlights 77% of those surveyed felt pressured to roll out products before they were security-ready and software development is no stranger to this phenomenom.

Even if security testing is performed prior to final deployment to live, all too often it is too late to address any findings properly at root cause and point fixes are applied in a hurry. This leads to unhappiness among the development team who want to do the right thing, along with a distorted view of risk within the product for senior management.

Incorporating security into the entire product lifecycle, just like it were any other non-functional requirement, such as performance, leads to more secure code with less issues identified during security testing and a happier, more productive development team.

4ARMED can help to identify a strategy that will work for your team, advise on processes, software solutions and provide streamlined testing through our Managed Security Testing service. We can also provide training and awareness sessions to ensure your team are aware of what they’re up against.


Software Security Consultancy

Review where you’re at, where you need to get to and how you’re going to get there.

Regular Security Testing

Flexible security testing that fits around your product release cycle.

Secure Development Training

Let our expert consultants help your team understand how malicious hackers target web applications and how they can defend against these attacks in their code.

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