Managed Service Provider

A trusted partner to you and your customers

Businesses rely on you to keep their IT wheels turning and their critical data safe and secure. As their cyber security requirements begin to build it can quickly become apparent that more specialised help is needed. This is where 4ARMED can help you.

Our comprehensive service portfolio can provide your clients with the assurance and advice they need without complicating your existing business relationship. We can provide our services through you in order to simplify purchasing for your customers or we can act on a simple referral basis but in either case we will work with you to ensure any solutions we provide or recommendations we make will fit with your operational model and, where appropriate, may in fact benefit all of your client-base.

If you’re looking for a long-term partner for cyber security services, talk to us. We operate a very competitive commission structure that could earn you additional income for converted opportunities you create. More information on this will be on our website soon but in the mean time drop us an email and we’ll get in touch.


Vulnerability Scanning

One-off or regular vulnerability scans of your external and internal networks can help identify the weak spots that hackers may target.

Penetration Testing

Do your clients want assurance over their applications or systems? Compliance requirements such as PCI DSS that require a penetration test?

Virtual CSO

Would your clients benefit from an expert, on-demand CSO function to help them drive and implement their information security strategy?

Next Steps

Want to discuss your requirements further? Wondering whether partnering with 4ARMED is right for your business? There's an easy way to find out, give us a call or complete the contact form below to tell us where you're at and we will work with you to find the best solution for you.