Cyber security solutions for the legal sector


Law firms routinely handle incredibly sensitive data about individuals and companies and with more and more of the traditional legal processes moving to IT, it is little surprise that the legal sector is coming under increasing pressure from cyber security threats. Often the target of the hack is not the law firm itself but one or more of its clients, with everything from intellectual property theft to organised crime as the motive.

GCHQ has referred to this as the “soft underbelly” of UK plc as all companies, large or small, engage a legal firm at some point.

At 4ARMED our team have experience of working with legal firms of all sizes for many years. Two of our first clients were solicitors and this trend has continued to the present day as we help law firms secure the data they hold, adopt good security practices, train their staff and, in many cases, secure the software products they have developed to support their clients.


Cyber Essentials

Get the basics in place. We can help you achieve your Cyber Essentials certification.

Virtual CSO

Our cost effective Virtual CSO services gives you cyber security management expertise when you need it.

Staff Security Awareness Training

Train your staff to stay alert to the latest security threats.

Penetration Testing

Find the chinks in your armour. Know how well you can defend the data you hold.

Next Steps

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