List of Hosting Provider Penetration Testing Authorisation Forms

Author Marc Wickenden

Date 16 November 2016

This post provides quick links to hosting provider’s penetration testing authorisation forms for quick reference.

If you are hosting your application at a hosting provider (which is most organisations) you generally need authorisation from the provider prior to conducting a penetration test. The following table provides direct links to the relevant location on the provider’s site.

Note that many of these will require you to login with the account that manages the systems to be tested. We will add to and update this list as and when new provider information becomes available.

| | | | Amazon Web Services | | | Digital Ocean | Raise a Support Ticket | | Google Cloud | Not required ( | | Heroku | | | Microsoft Azure | | | Rackspace | Raise a Support Ticket via Control Panel |

If you have any updates for this list please feel free to contact us or tweet us @4ARMED.


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