Securing Managed Kubernetes Workshop at ContainerDays 2019

If you’re looking for hands-on training for securing your managed Kubernetes environment, I will be delivering a four hour workshop on this in Hamburg on June 24th.

Workshop Outline

Securing Cloud Native Apps on Managed Kubernetes: Deep Dive is brand new for 2019 and is the workshop to attend if you want to harden your Kubernetes clusters, configure a service mesh, securely deploy internal and external workloads and implement security metrics and observability to catch malicious behaviour in the act.

Each attendee will have a GKE cluster and a microservices-based web app deployed into it. Attackers have compromised your app and are mining cryptocurrency on your public cloud bill. Your job is to identify how they got in, get them out and keep them out.

You will install and configure a range of native Kubernetes security features and cloud native tools including Istio, OpenTracing, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Weave Flux and more as we power through this intensive, hands-on workshop.


Delegates will need:

  • Understanding of Kubernetes basics such as connecting to a cluster and deploying workloads
  • Understanding of networking, PKI and HTTP
  • Laptop with kubectl, git and a code editor installed
  • WiFi to access the Internet


The workshop has sold out but there is a waiting list so head over to the ContainerDays website at and add your name. If you don’t manage to attend I’ll be around the conference so please come and pick my brains about all things Kubernetes security.

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Marc Wickenden

CTO at 4ARMED, you can blame him for our awesome technical skills and business-led solutions. You can tweet him at @marcwickenden.

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