Wireless Security Review

Are you sending your data literally to the clouds?


The main security concern with wireless networks is the removal of a physical barrier. An incorrectly configured wireless network can be connected to from distances ranging from hundreds of metres to even a number of miles. If your wireless security is not adequate it enables an attacker to operate from an undetectable range.

With the rise of mobile computing and BYOD, wireless networks could no longer be ignored in the business environment. Most companies provide wireless networking these days, even if it is on a segregated network with no access to the corporate LAN.

And it’s not just traditional offices that are at risk, we work with yacht management companies to ensure the wireless networks provisioned on owner’s super yachts provide adequate protection.


As with our penetration testing the objective is to identify and exploit security weaknesses in your wireless networks in order to provide your business with the assurance it needs over its data security.

4ARMED helps you understand where your vulnerabilities are so you can plug them before they can be used against you by criminal hackers.



Make sure your wireless networks have been configured securely.

Identify areas for improvement

There's more to wireless security than encryption. 4ARMED will identify areas for improvement including network isolation and signal distribution.

What To Expect


Our wireless security review service places us in the role of the attacker where we attempt to break in to your wireless networks and assess their configuration.

Our methodology covers such areas as weak algorithm choices, weak passphrases, poor implementation of WPA2 Enterprise, wireless network range and network client isolation. We perform all wireless security reviews at your premises (obviously!) using our custom-built laptops and specialist wireless network equipment.

Next Steps

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