Simulated Targeted Attack Services

Advanced Testing for an Advanced Threat

Advanced Testing for an Advanced Threat

Traditional penetration testing often takes a general approach, seeking to identify susceptibility to a wide variety of common weaknesses in infrastructure, applications, networks, etc. This is still the most common route to compromise however, for some of our clients they face a more specific, determined threat. This is where our Simulated Target Attack services come into play.


Targeted Assurance

By focusing on specific threats to your organisation, you gain a greater level of assurance over your business' resilience.

Discover Your Enemies

Through our comprehensive threat analysis you can find out who has your business in its sights and their Tools, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTTPs).

Build on Penetration Testing

Build on the coverage of your conventional security testing programme and understand how you will stand up to a more focused attack, including end users.

Spend Your Security Budget Wisely

By understanding specific threats to your organisation it can enable the shift of precious funds towards defences designed to contain those threats.

What To Expect

Know your enemies

We partner with leading threat intelligence providers (and your in-house teams where applicable) to build a profile of the threats your business faces based on real world data gathered from a wide range of sources including Dark Web sites. By knowing your enemies in this way, 4ARMED can build realistic, targeted attack scenarios to enact against your organisation and help you understand your resilience to a sustained, advanced attacker – without disruption to your business operations.

Our attack traffic is tailored to simulate specific threat actors relevant to your business to give your response teams every chance to detect and respond, just as if it were a real incident.

Next Steps

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