Software Security Consultancy

Securing the Internet, one line of code at a time

Writing secure software doesn't have to be a headache. Most businesses have some degree of quality control or testing already in place and this is often a great place to start.

Through our software security consultancy we parachute in to businesses and help them address software security issues at root cause. We can help review your Software Development Lifecycle, your coding standards, your actual code, all the way through to your assurance processes.

We love code

At the end of the day, we're all closet developers here at 4ARMED and we've come from a background rich in supporting software developers produce secure, reliable code. Which means we can also help you do the same.


Something we've consistently found over the years is that, when a company is struggling repeatedly to iron out security issues at a grass roots level, it's actually a more fundamental problem with their development lifecycle.

For this reason, we've partnered with some subject matter experts to provide consulting and enhancement advice across the wider development approach, not just information security. Needless to say, the partners we've chosen are all well-versed in secure coding and highly knowledgeable on common web application security issues so, along the journey of improving your SDLC you'll also be solving your security issues at root cause too.


Throw in some secure coding training for your developers and things are looking up.

Next steps

To discuss this or any other software security requirements you may have please get in touch.