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Containers and Kubernetes are the new hotness but there’s a good reason for that. These technologies are allowing organisations to address age-old problems of reliable deployments, asset inventory and patch management. There’s no denying however, that containers and Kubernetes in particular introduce some complexity and complexity is not a friend of security.

How we help

4ARMED were early adopters of containers with our extensive and ever-growing training labs running originally in containers in AWS from 2014 and later in Kubernetes on GKE. All this time we’ve had to maintain a deliberately insecure (including full remote code execution on a container), multi-tenant environment without risking the wider experience of our training delegates or our intellectual property. Combine this with our experience helping our clients secure their existing clusters or move themselves over to k8s and we’re in good shape to help you on the path to secure container goodness.

The rate of development in Kubernetes on the security front has traditionally lagged behind other areas but is now catching up and we can help you ensure your cluster and workloads are configured securely and, where possible, taking advantage of the latest features.

Example Services

We are entirely flexible around what you need. It may be a long term project or just a few pointers. Here are some examples of challenges we can help with.

  • Design and implement effective RBAC
  • Secure non-root container builds
  • Secure CI/CD pipeline into your clusters
  • Pod Security Policies
  • Network Policies
  • Service Mesh Implementation
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Hardening your masters and nodes
  • Container vulnerability scanning and patch management


Cost Effective

Get targeted, straight to the point advice you can trust

Gain Assurance

Be confident there are no rogue spokes in your Kubernetes wheel

What To Expect

Where to begin?

The first step, as with all of our services, is to talk. We need to understand what you’re about, where you trying to get to and what the challenges you face are. You may already have an idea how you would like the engagement process to work, a budget or amount of time in mind.

We’ll discuss all of this and come up with a strategy that we all agree looks best.


We are completely flexible around what works best for your organisation. We can work remotely or we can deliver our services at your office.

Talk to us today about your requirements and we can get started on helping your business secure its Kubernetes deployments.

Next Steps

Want to discuss your requirements further? Wondering whether Kubernetes Security Consultancy is right for your business? There's an easy way to find out, give us a call or complete this handy contact form to tell us where you're at and we will work with you to find the best solution for you.
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